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Isabel Manso
Certified Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist

Isabel Manso

Isabel teaches Yoga, leads yoga workshops, personal growth groups and retreats in Spain and the U.S. Her certification is in Vinyasa and Therapeutic Yoga. In 2008, Isabel traveled to India to study Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga.

In 2012 she was led to Esalen, in Big Sur, CA, by her strong thirst for knowledge, of both self and the world. She is also Massage Therapist, certified in Esalen Massage and Deep tissue. She is a Student of Gestalt Awareness Practice, and belongs to Tribal Group lead by Christine Price and Dorothy Charles.

"For me the practice of Yoga is another tool for self-exploration and personal growth. I believe in being inclusive with every feeling, experience or person that comes into our lives. Yoga has helped me to have more capacity in every sense, to live a more full life grounded in my physical body". I hope that for my students. And the journey continues...